SIGMA escalator applies the advanced Swiss technology, design concept for manufacture.
It grants you to appreciate the outstanding charm and deluxe manner of modern buildings by fine and exquisite structure, consummate elevator path, delicate belt, deluxe and attractive outline. It provides the passengers with a bright, comfortable, brand-new feeling.

Moving walk

SIGMA moving walk satisfies the transport requirement of large passenger flow in public traffic and transport areas such as large-size supermarket, airport, exhibition center, transport hub etc. It meets long-distance walk.

External and internal design of elevators

The lightness and beauty of fingertip control, Ubiquitous intelligent human-computer interaction, Leading a smart life.


  • Car top: Paint steel, LED lighting
  • Car wall: Hairline stainless steel
  • Handrail: Double flat stainless steel
  • Floor: PVC


  • Ceiling: Paint steel
  • Car wall/Car Door: Paint steel


  • Upper / lower cover: Acrylic hemispheric cover
  • Observation wail: Safety laminated glass
  • Decoration top: Steel plate baked enamel frame, acrylic lighting decoration
  • Car wall: Hairline stainless steel
  • Handrail: Stainless steel mono-tube
  • Floor: PVC


  • Car top: Black titanium stainless steel frame, acrylic transparent plate
  • Car wall: Black titanium mirror stainless steel, solid wood finish
  • Handrail: Stainless steel double pipe armrest
  • Floor: PVC


  • Car top: Mirror stainless steel frame, organic paint-jet panel
  • Car wall: Mirror stainless steel, mirror etching stainless steel
  • Handrail: Stainless steel double pipe armrest
  • Floor: PVC